We got kittens 31th October 2021 after this beautiful couple❤️💙

More information about Achilles- health and showresult

More information about Spurv – health and show results

Both parents are strong boned with long legs and are having an excellent coat quality. All of them are silver. They will all be carriers of non-silver from Spurv. The parents expressions are beautiful – with long and straight profiles and well set ears and eyes.
They both have a perfect temper 😻😻😻

The kittens at 12 week:

The kittens at 11 week:

They are ten weeks old and the time is going so fast:

Nine weeks old and need more time to run together inside our house🥰:

Eight weeks old and they are all growing very well😻:

Seven weeks old and all of them are reserved :

Six weeks old:

Five weeks old and no time to let me take pictures of them😅

Four weeks old:

Three weeks old:

Two weeks old:

New born – 1 day – pictures of the kittens: