We have got six kittens after Spurv and Iver 16th November 2019.
Both Parents are HCM tested: negative and GSDV: tested free
They have both a fantastic temper and have done very well on shows – both of them with lots of Best in show. They have both strong bones, long legs, a fantastic fur quaility and a stright profile and beautiful expression form their green eyes.

Pedigree Shows and Health tests for Spurv and Iver:

The kittens got their names from the Marvel Universe/ pop culture:

We will give som more information about how to buy a kitten from us later. Today we only present the litter:)

Nothing will be decided before the kittens are about 5-6 weeks old. We are not booking any kittens in this age. We will see how they develope before we choose the right forewer home. Feel free to contact us if some interests and tell us about yourself and why you are looking for a Norwegian Forestcat from us.