Great showresults in Juni 2024

Agderkatten 15th and 16th juni

Smaalenene 8th Juni

PR CH Ekebergtrollet´s Gyri – NOM and BEST IN SHOW kastrat Female 🏆🏆🏆 Owner Vigdis Ultvedt – Pernille on the picture training her before the judgement

We have a new champion🏆

CH (N) Ekebergtrollet´s Juni got 2 CAC in Sweden and the last CAC in Stavanger. There she also got her first CACIB on her way to an International champion. She is behaving so calm in shows❤️ we love this girl from our Spurv and Tarik.

SC Fiskerjenta´s Spurv DVM

After hunting a half year finally Spurv got her 10th BIV – the funny thing is that most of the time our own Ginni and Juni have taken it from her 🙂 So now all of them have a lots of BIV. At Grenlandspusen she even got 2 BIV and NOM and votes in the panel – loosing only after a new judge had to choose between her and the winner. Just now she is the best Norwegian forest female on the NRR´s year of the cat after 4 shows. She also got best breeding female both days category 2. She is the mother to GIC Ekebergtrollet´s Glenn Miller who was nominated til the BIS-panel both days and Ekebergtrollet´s JoeJoe and Josefine who both got CACJ both days. Fantastic judgement on all of them – so proud of what she has given us and that she still rules on the shows herself. (Photo Heidi and Walter Cervin)

We have got a new litter

There were only one kitten in Fife Feliz big stomach – she has grown a lot and is now a big female🤩 The birth of one kitten was a bit hard – we went to the hospital when we thought it took to long time. A nice veterinarian helped us and she managed to give birth herself for this big male. We think he is a black smoke with white markings. He is growing very well and Fife Feliz is a warm and caretaking mother 🥰 More about the kitten and his development under Kittens😁

The first litter where both parents are from Ekebergtollet’s came at a new breeder in Trøndelag: NO*Fosenkatten

Ekebergtrollet´s Hermine got 4 beautiful big and healthy kittens in the middle of December 2023 – we think there are 3 males and one female💙💙💙❤️ The father of the litter is our own little star GIC Ekebergtollet’s Glenn Miller🥰 Both parents have a fantastic temper and the kittens looks very promising with strong bone, beautiful colors and nice technique in head – if you are looking for a typical Norwegian Forestcat for a pet or for shows – take contact and I can give you some more information 🥰

On the pictures they are two weeks old🥰

We have a new Grand International Champion

GIC (N) Ekebergtollet’s Glenn Miller got his last CAGCIB at Västsvenska kattklubben trippel-cert show in Gøteborg – he also got 2*CACS 3*BIV 2*NOM and at last BIS on Sunday (he got also vote in the panel Saturday)

We have a new Grand International Champion

GIC (N) Ekebergtrollet´s Fife Feliz got her last CAGCIB on Webkatten and is now a GIC

We have plans for her – she will be mated with our own IC Ekebergtrollet´s Glenn Miller, who also got his CAGCIB and BIV-T on the same show. They will be a result from the lovely cats we bought when got active again in 2018 – SC Fiskerjenta’s Spurv, who is the mother of Glenn Miller, GIC Migoto’s Ginni who is the mother of Fife Feliz and PR IC Fodnaheia’s Tarik who is the father of Fife Feliz.

The J-litter Best in show both days at Agderkatten 1-2 juli 2023

It were Juni, Josefine, Jack-Jack and JoeJoe Felix who represented the litter❤️they did very well and loved to show themselves for the judges and audience😻😻😻😻 Some of them indeed purred all the way😁

After the show we followed Josefine to her forever home ❤️❤️❤️ (she was not in kl 12 – only showed in the litter, since she and Juni are in the same group and class)

And after that we went to the forever home to Jack-Jack❤️❤️❤️